Author: Charlie McKenna

Food and Drink

A Heluva Good story

If you’ve tucked into a bowl of Hood ice cream or a tub of some Heluva Good French onion dip lately, you’ve been supporting a local business — sort of.  HP Hood, Heluva Good’s parent company, has been based in Lynnfield, by way of corporate office, since 2007. The company does not manufacture any of […]

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People and Places

Beavers and coyotes and deer, oh my!

Lynnfield isn’t widely known for its abundance of wildlife, but if you ask Steve Fantone, who runs the YouTube channel Hike Walk Paddle, there’s lots to discover in the area. As the channel’s name might suggest, Fantone is an avid outdoorsman and has recorded himself hiking, walking, and paddling across the region, including along the […]

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