The art of simple but stunning

Practical, functional and, above all, stunningly beautiful in a simple sort of way is the best way to describe what Main Street Home, a full-service, interior-design firm owned by Nancy Rich and Emily Field, delivers to its clients.

How did it all get started? Field was living in Boston and looking for a home in Lynnfield. She contacted Rich, a realtor, who said her neighbor was moving. Field bought the house, just across the street from the Rich home on — you guessed it — Main Street.

That was 13 years ago. They became fast friends, eventually turning their love of fashion and home decor into a thriving business.

“We wanted to test the waters and found our first client about 10 or 11 years ago,” Field said. “We grew organically; it was all word of mouth. Eventually when we knew we had a real business, we went all out with a logo and website.”
Main Street Home’s latest major project was on Locksley Road for homeowners Arthur and Joan Bourque.

“On the walk-through we thought it would be just a redecorating project, and we were kind of stunned when Arthur said he had already hired an engineer, architect and contractor and wanted to ‘blow it up,'” Rich said. “The house was completely down to the studs and we did everything from window treatments to new fixtures and electronics. Everything. It ended up being an amazing project.”

Vibrant blue and green colors on upholstery and classical window treatments tempered with neutral wall colors and living spaces combine to give the space a comfy, homey and warm feel.

The baths are stunning with an array of large-pattern wallpapers and the latest fixtures combining to give them a fun feel. There’s state-of-the-art lighting and other unique amenities throughout.

There’s even a pop-up widescreen television hidden in the footboard of a custom-made upholstered bed in the primary bedroom. Simply push a button and, voila, you’re ready to be entertained.

The kitchen features one of the largest islands you will ever see with seating for eight or more, a sink large enough to bathe in and a hidden custom-built pantry complete with counter space and floor-to-ceiling open shelving — the perfect place to hide all those appliances and gadgets usually found cluttering kitchen counters.

Arthur Bourque said working with Field and Rich was pure pleasure.

“They have an enormous amount of energy,” he said. “They were a great deal of help with planning and had numerous ideas around the layout of the rooms including moving some walls and repurposing certain areas.

“They were responsive and available during the project and we have sought their assistance in several follow-up ideas as they continue to support us in that effort. We are extremely pleased with their work and have great respect for what they did for us.”

“‘It was the perfect job, we just kind of picked away at it,” said Field. “They loved the colors and were willing to take risks. They really trusted us. We had a couple of things they were worried about, but we just said, ‘let us finish, don’t focus on just one thing.'”

She said it’s not uncommon for people to see singular things, which causes the focus to be out of context.

“That’s why we try to keep people away until the reveal,” Rich said. “We tell them that there’s a reason they hired us and we have confidence in our vision for them.”

Rich said the Bourques are perfect examples of that.

“While we had final approval on all of their ideas, they presented many concepts that we would never have thought of,” Arthur Bourque said. “We were a little apprehensive about some of them. But we trusted them to deliver a product that would dazzle, and they did that.”

Another major project recently completed was a renovation of a pool house. The house is loaded with color, fun “beachy” themed items, fabrics and artwork and even includes the cutest kitchen you’ve ever seen, complete with a 1950s retro refrigerator.

A huge part of the pair’s philosophy is incorporating something personal in every home.

Sometimes it’s all about finding that one photo or an unusual throw pillow or a piece of art or fabric, and then building off it. A client’s favorite postcard of a Cape Cod scene also once served as the jumping-off point for one project. The Bourques’ inspiration piece? A bank of cobalt blue stained-glass windows atop the bay windows in the great room overlooking Lake Suntaug.

“You find that one thing, that one memory and try to design around it,” Field said.

Some of their favorite suppliers aren’t really suppliers at all — they are retailers, the same ones that many of us frequent, like Target, HomeGoods, Marshalls, Pottery Barn and Etsy, a practice the Bourques said helped to keep their project on budget.

“In our project, they used a wide variety of resources to complete the project without tapping the high-end, expensive designer boutiques that will kill your wallet,” said Arthur Bourque.

The duo encourages their clients to take risks. For the squeamish, the best place for risk taking is the half-bath and dining room.

“They are great places for people who are afraid to jump in,” said Rich.

“There are no rules. We love mixing patterns and prints,” said Field. “We love it when clients say they never would have thought to do what we did for them.”

Both women say that Main Street Home isn’t your typical design firm that focuses solely on the style du jour. It’s not what, but how — they design space around how their clients live and how they utilize their living spaces.

Rich and Field don’t believe in trends; their favorite homes are classic Capes and Colonials. If pressed by a client, however, the duo will add small, trendy touches that won’t make a home look dated when the fad dies down.

“We will infuse a fun, trendy item only if it can be easily switched out,” added Rich. “So it’s not so, ‘oh, this is so 2000.’ Trends come and go and can feel so dated in a short period of time. We want people to do what brings them joy — something that you will never get sick of. That’s what I do in my own home and we want to give that same experience to our clients.”

Main Street Home recently expanded operations. A recent job completed in 2019 was at the Mookies on Mugford coffee shop in old Marblehead. The shop opened just in time to serve as a location for Adam Sandler’s “Halloween Hubie” movie.

“It was the first time ever doing anything other than a home, so it was a big risk,” Nancy said.

Both women say their business relationship is like a good marriage — each partner has found what she’s good at. Field is the shopper. Rich is the project manager, (a skill she gained while working for two construction companies in a prior career) keeping everyone on the same page.

While they prefer “soup-to-nuts” projects, they also handle smaller jobs and are sensitive to clients’ budgetary constraints.They use everything from HomeGoods candy dishes to one-of-a-kind designer fabrics, like Oscar de la Renta, to keep things in check.

“We love being able to use higher-end fabrics,” Rich said.

“But that’s not in everyone’s budget and we know that It’s a luxury to hire a decorator,” Field said, finishing Rich’s sentence (they do that a lot).

“We are truly a team, it’s amazing that we both work so well together,” said Field.

“Our clients love what we do for them and we love doing it,” added Rich.