Award-winning student filmmaker sets lens on future

Just before graduating from Boston University, where he studied film and television, Geraldo Hinch began making his dream a reality.

“Being able to make films and tell stories and make a living at it, that’d be my dream,” said Hinch, who was raised in Lynnfield and still resides there.

Throughout his academic career, Hinch has written, created, produced, edited, and directed films that won many awards. He served as a writer, producer, editor, and director on his film “Double Take,” a thriller-comedy.

“Double Take” was featured in the 2022 Mystic Film Festival and won Best Student Film. It also received first place and won Best Picture at the 2022 Los Angeles Redstone Film Festival. In total, “Double Take” has won eight awards.

“You can tell stories and capture an audience emotionally, thoughtfully, in ways where you don’t even have to say anything, just doing it purely visually,” said Hinch.

His latest film, made during his senior year is called “Concetta.” It is a drama film about a nurse working at an assisted-living facility.

Most of his films are thrillers, comedies, and dramas, though Hinch said he is open to others.

“I’ve always loved exploring new genres because it’s more about storytelling for me,” said Hinch.

Throughout his time at Boston University, Hinch has held many different jobs related to the fim industry.

His experience includes working as a set-production assistant for “Dexter: New Blood”, as an intern for “Chronicle” on WCVB, and as a videographer for the Boston University’s Department of Athletics.

While working on “Dexter: New Blood” during the summer before his junior year, Hinch had many challenging and rewarding experiences. He worked 12- to 16-hour days, five days a week, travelliing all over Massachusetts. He said his main tasks were to communicate messages to different crewmembers, help maintain order on set, manage background extras, and to run errands for the cast.

“It was a valuable experience because it taught me so much about how to run an efficient production, and the importance of all the different roles and departments on set, which I definitely took with me when working on my own productions,” he added.

Working on “Chronicle” for WCVB the following summer, Hinch served as an office intern, mostly organizing data and helping producers. Hinch learned about the live-television side of the industry.

After graduation, Hinch said his immediate goal is to work in postproduction in Boston or New York.

“I’m planning on keeping making films, just making things that we’ll be able to get into festivals and allow me to practice my filmmaking,” said Hinch. “Eventually, my ultimate dream is to be able to direct film and TV, and documentaries.”